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Welcome to our website. Here you can find out about the Family that moved from London to Suffolk.

May Brett, in Prezzo

Hello and welcome to the, the internet home of our family. We originate from London and moved to Suffolk in the mid-1960s, to what is known as a 'London Overspill town'.


Jim moved to Suffolk first to find work, following the promise of a new house from the authorities. When Jim was given the house, it was time for May and her two boys to move down. The boys were soon in school and May found work herself to help make ends meet.


While they were both working they were hardly well off, in fact, May and a neighbour used to buy some minced beef and vegetables and make Cornish pasties, and shared them for dinners. for their families.


The court where May and Jim lived, was friendly and they got on with all eleven of their neighbours, and to this day the remaining ones are still family friends, even though many have moved.


Sadly as they began to get older, health issues began to creep in and Jim sadly died in 1996, May followed in 2014


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