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The Brett's of London

May and Jim met at a tannery where they both worked in London. After dating for some time, they married on Christmas day, some years later. Their first child a son named Richard was born in the capital in September 1954. Six years later in 1960, their second son was born, this time they named him David.


With their family all based in London, it was a heartache to realise that in order to have any standard of living, a move was made. London city council had discovered an area in Suffolk where a new town was being built, and this became a London overspill town, where London families moved away from the capital to start a new more rural life..


So in 1965/1966, the whole family moved (after Jim spending a short time alone to find a job and get accommodation. They settled in well, and soon made life long friends, the town was a friendly place.


Richard left school in1970 and got married a few years later when he had two children. David left school a few years later and at the age of 22 married and had three children.


In 1996 sadly the family lost Jim after a period of ill-health. It was also the year in which David had his life changed by a serious road traffic accident.


Richard divorced his first wife and remarried a lovely new wife, with whom he has been for some years now.


In time May had five grandchildren and five great-grandchildren, Jim only managed to see his grandchildren.