Frequently asked questions

What part of London do you come from?

We come from Bermonsey.

Can I ask a question?

Of course! Simply go to our contact page, and use the form or email us, and we will not only reply but it may appear here too.

What year did you move from London?

The family moved from the capital in 1966.

What year did Jim die?

Jim passed away in 1996.

What year did May die?

My died in September 2014.

What years were the family born and where?

Jim was born in 1922 in London May was born in 1929 in London Richard was born in Lodnon in 1954 David was born in London in 1960

Do you still have family living in London?

We do indeed! While some of the fmaily have moved away from the capital, many remain. We have five cousins and an uncle still living in the city.

Our name is Brett, could we be related?

Anything is possible! And if you think we could be, please do drop us a line.

Have you been in the media?

David's accident in 1996 did draw some media attention. It was mentioned in both the local papers at the time. One remains online and can be read here: